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Friday, January 13, 2012

Punishing A Dream!

In the last 10 years of my running career, I have been repeatedly punished for dreaming. It seems that often after I got the idea that maybe I could do something, I am painfully reminded that it was not gonna happen. Never had this happened as violently as on Christmas. Due to lots of snow on both the 23rd of December and Christmas eve, my trails were unavailable to me for a week. On Christmas eve, I went out for a long run that, partially due to not paying attention to how far west I had traveled, turned into a two hour long run, about 20 minutes longer than my usual ones had been for the previous two months. After that all road run, I thought maybe I could run a half marathon at the El Paso Marathon on February 5th. I woke up Christmas day with very sore knees, that, had I rested, may have resolved o.k., but I pushed them for another week primarily on roads. By new years, they were broken. They are still broken, and don't appear to be improving with low mileage on trails, so I just may need to take a few days off and hopefully start to rebuild the training process. Doesn't look like any races in the next few months, and I will again try and just train for 5K and 10K races. As I had planned previously, before the vitamin T and a few months of stellar fall success, no road events that will take more than an hour, and no trail events that will take more than an hour and a half. A 10 day running cycle with 3 hard days (including long run as one of those), and capping my mileage at what Noakes recommends for someone age 60; no more than 50 kilometers a week (31 miles) with at least one day off per week. Once the knackered knees recover, I will post where I am at and what my maximum training program will look like for the rest of 2012. I HAVE TO FOCUS ON REASONABLE LONGEVITY VS. TRYING TO SQUEEZE OUT THAT LAST 7% OF PERFORMANCE. SHOWING UP WILL BE MORE IMPORTANT THAT BEING IN PERFECT CONDITION! Can you teach an old dog the same damn freakin' trick?

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