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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Running Like Ben Roethlisberger!

Boy, I have not had knee tendonitis like this since Ernie's Wedding! I think I developed it from a combined set of training mistakes of running on roads and adding miles. Once I knew that I was going to be forced onto the roads for a week, I should have cut back my mileage, but instead, I went longer, and that two hour road run in the cold just finished me off. I think I just have to accept that my racing on the roads will be limited to 5 and 10K's, and if I can find trail races in the 8 to 10 mile range, that will just have to be the cap on what this busted old chasis can handle. Not what I want, but it is still acceptable for these last few years of racing.
We got Suzi set up today with a weekly Senior Center personal care aid. She will come on wednesdays for three hours and help her with laundry, bathing, and light cleaning. Suzi is also getting meals on wheels for lunch everyday now, so she will get a hot meal for sure every day. She certainly was never a cook, so this is an extra nice service. We have the shower transfer bench and hand held shower nozzle in place, and are still awaiting the toilet seat riser with bars. She has picked up a lot of assistance devices, and is now gotten most of what she needs to hang out in her apartment. How long she can stay out of the nursing home is now really in her own hands. She has to do everything possible to utilize her nervous system and muscles to be able to hold this level of current activity.
Deb and I go into El Paso next week to see the hand surgeon to see about her getting her carpal tunnel surgery. She has been especially miserable these past 6 weeks or so, and I hope this works for her.
And finally, Mugsy is having some sort of bowel obstruction and has been to the vet the last few days. Got the two cats separated into two bedrooms so we can monitor his food, fluid, poop, medicine, etc. So all in all, 2012 is not starting out as smoothly as hoped. Lets hope that it all goes well from here......

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