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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Knee Knackered!

Have been having a rough few days with both my knees. I was going to go easy last week, but didn't, and due to all the snow we had those two days before Christmas, most of that running was pushed out onto the roads. After 4 nice days of 60 plus degree sunny weather, the trails are now all clear and dry, so I have been able to traverse them again. This week will now be a recovery week, and I have been hitting those knees with my portable ultrasound machine three times a day. After two days, I am beginning to get some relief. When I got my machine two years ago to help me recover from being run over, it cost About 80 bucks on amazon. They are now down to $55! If you don't have one, they really do help and the price surely can't be beat! It takes about three days of solid use before you usually get some relief, and it is a very safe and sound therapy option. Get on amazon and buy the kit!

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