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Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Closed Out 2011 Being An Asshole!

I embarrassed myself today to close out the year. It has been a particularly stressful holiday season for me this year, with many failed attempts at customer service that were just awful. And my visitor, sister Sue, has had me running all over hell trying to get stuff squared away for her. We went into the Verizon store on Thursday for her to get a cell phone and a mobile broadband device for 2012 so that she can eliminate her land phone line and Internet service. I told them this was to be her only phone and she was disabled, so it had to work well. They signed her up and sent us on our way. I charged the phone for 4 hours, and it showed fully charged. So, we unplugged it, and I started by setting our home and cell phone numbers in her contacts, and called my phone from hers. AOK. Then, we did a skaters reverse and called her phone from mine. No go. I tried then to get on her phone but it showed that the battery was dead. I took it back on friday after the gym and they said they would get it squared away. I again reminded them that she was disabled and this was going to be her only phone. When I picked it up today, they said it was the battery. I took it home, called her from my phone. It worked dandy. Went to do the reverse, and the battery showed dead. I lost it. My blood pressure must have been 240 over 120. I drove back to the store. There were three people waiting in line, and a customer being served. The guy must have seen it in my eyes and was scared I was armed. He said "it didn't work"? I said "I f@#king told you three times now that this is for someone disabled and it has to work! You didn't even test the f@#cking thing!" I then threw the box on the counter, and he said "I'm so sorry I will get you a new phone as soon as I am done with this customer". I said, "No, take care of these people and I will pick it up monday" and I left. I was a total asshole. Don't know if it was the holiday, all the trouble I have had in the last two weeks getting simple things done like getting batteries put in a watch, getting a few links taken out, or a variety of attempts to access customer service that went bad. To top it all off, I later was on Verizon customer service getting Suzi's broadband connected, and the guy couldn't have been nicer and more help full. I tried to make up for my bad behavior by thanking him profusely and wishing him a happy and healthy new year. Then I went out and did a nine mile penance run. So, it was my weakest hour of the year. I will start 2012 by apologizing to him on monday. I told Deb and Suzi that I am taking the holiday season of 2012 off. I am going to take Deb to Tuscon between christmas and new year and run for three of four days at the saguaro national park trail system, and have her gamble at night. Turkey pot pie for thanksgiving, turkey panini sandwich for christmas, and chinese carry out ribs for new year. Gifts to grand kids will be cards with $20. Gifts to all my friends are gonna be gift cards. Starbucks and Amazon. Sorry, I need a year off.....

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