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Monday, February 20, 2012

The New Republican Party...Shrink Government Down Until It Fits Inside A Woman's Vagina!

As I can't run, I spent a lot of time watching news media the last few days....both nationally and at the state level. The new republican party wants to shrink the size of government down until it fits inside a woman's vagina. Now, as stupid as that sounds, look at the first act that the new Virginia republican majority in the governors office and both houses of congress require doctors to shove a probe into a woman's vagina to make her see her fetus before an abortion. Rick Santorum spent the weekend stating that prenatal care shouldn't be covered because in some instances it shows a damaged fetus and then a woman may choose to abort it. And all across the country we are getting bills stating that life begins at contraception, and trying to make hormonal birth control illegal. And Catholic Ranger Rick would outlaw all insurance coverage for contraception. It is funny how a party that wants to shrink government and get them out of clean air, water, and food, giving entitlement benefits, taking care of our troops, and whole departments such as education and commerce, now is obsessed with women's vaginas. If I was a woman and the person I was with was against contraception, they would be just doing a massive amount of masturbating, cause they would never get to "insert a probe" anywhere near me. Someone said there are three republican parties representing corporations and the rich, one representing the T-tards, and the last representing religious fundamentalists. What they don't seem to represent are those mostly religious, decent, hard working folks struggling to become or stay middle class. Now I was reminded a few times how few people decide these republican caucuses...for example, in Main, a state of 1.3 million, the caucus just involved five thousand lunatics. So that minuscule group helps decide the nominee. Ye God. So I guess I will just say it again......Where the F#@K are the women in america? They better get their voices heard soon....

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