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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lateral Meniscus Tear And Bakers Cyst!

Went to see the Ortho Doc in Las Cruces today. They did an X-ray, then the doc came in and examined me. He could tell from my symptom explanation and by digging his friggin' fingers into the back of my knee and making me whine that I probably have a Lateral Meniscus tear, and he could palpitate the bakers cyst that normally comes with it. That is what hurt the most. A Meniscus Tear is an event, but the cause is built up over many years of pounding and arthritis. He noted from the X-ray that there is a lot of weird bone growth at the top of my lower leg bones, and he asked if he could x-ray the crashed leg when I come in for the MRI on the left leg. More power to him, but I told him I will let him do arthroscopic surgery on the left knee, and then I will get back out on my trails until the day comes for those artificial knees. Otherwise, we will just leave things as they are and hope I die from something else before the knees go. The Bakers Cyst is a fluid sac that forms from drainage near the meniscus tear, as the meniscus is pretty low on blood flow. The size of the tear will result in one of two things. If it is small, they just trim off the edges and cauterize it back in place. If it is big, they cut some out, but like my fucked up spine, that reduces the life of the knee, and causes you to loose some cushioning. So, we will see. When they are done with the tear, they drain the freakin' cyst. Probably as good a time as any to give up racing, and consider my recent Grand Master Flash 60 year old age victory as a good way to go out.....will have to see how it all goes. My goal now will have to change to one of longevity, and see if I can get to 40 years of running bye just keeping to easy runs on the dirt trials. The results of the MRI will be a good part of the decider, cause that will probably tell me and him how much meniscus I am gonna lose. I was hoping to get to 65 with a somewhat functional chassis, but, only God really knows! My future may be more spinning on the exercycle and weights and a lot less running. I will then have to change my blog to "the cranky old geezer who whines constantly about meaningless shit"!

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TerribleTerry said...

Shit....I'm going to have to get a baby jogger that'll hold someone over 6 feet tall so we can go for a run.

Watch what you name the blog...that migh lead people to believe you're a tea bagger.