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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Women's Reproductive Rights!

Right Wing Fundamentalist Republicans are very much like Islamic Fundamentalists. They both are misogynistic, and really do believe that women are an inferior species that don't have any rights that are equal to men. Now I have often remained amazed at how so many poor and middle class Americans vote against their economic interests, and it will be interesting during this election cycle to see how many women in America will vote against their own personal reproductive freedoms. Extreme religion, as I have often said and noted on this blog, creates a closed system where no new or different information is allowed to be explored or considered. God gave you a brain and the power of reason for a purpose! Rick Santorum maintains that "contraception is a licence to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be"! According to whom? Your third grade priest who was mollesting alter boys? Now since 99% of all adult women in America have utilized contraception of some sort for a period of their lives, than, according to his view, THEY have to change their behavior based on his beliefs. Rick's ideas of mixing religious doctrine and government were rejected by the initial drafters of the constitution that so many republicans view like a buffet, where they only choose those entrees that they like in defense of a particular argument. Newt, the serial monogomist who respects women so much he cheats on them when they are dying of cancer, is now a catholic dough boy who is championing family values and the right of religious employers to refuse to provide contraception coverage to the women they employ. And Mike "Huckelberry" the literal bibleist, now says at the CPAC convention that we're ALL catholics now! I guess all of those conflicting beliefs between Catholics and Baptists can get pushed aside......the enemy of your enemy is your friend? So women of America, I guess you will get a chance to look at you congressional representatives and presidential candidates and decide on how you might look in a Burka....Vote Republican for a new century.....the 11th Century! Witchcraft can join Islamic Fundamentalism in the stoning of women!

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