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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Boy, this is never a word you want to hear. There are no sentences that have the word tumor in them that are good. Like, I went out to eat and had a large tumor sushi roll and it was wonderful. Had my mri today, and along with that old meniscus tear, they found what they believe is a "proximal tibial tumor". So, I go back next tuesday and get the results after the review of a cancer radiologist and my orthopaedist. So, lets look at the possibilities in order of least ugly. If it is benign, it is rarely terminal. Options would include scraping/burning of the tumor and I get to keep the lower leg. If the tibia is too far gone, then they can do an implant of a devise to replace the whole tibia. Problems abound with this, as lots of ligaments and muscles have to be attached that usually don't attach well, and the results are not generally very good. Another option is to cut off the leg either below or above the knee. Hmmnnn. Doesn't sound too good, but maybe some day I could run again with one of those blades!! Doubtful. Then, there is always the possibility that it is malignant. If it is malignant, it almost always comes from somewhere else in the body like the prostate, lungs, kidneys, etc. Groovy. Now I had a good physical and blood work last summer, and no indications were there that I had any symptoms or signs of some other cancer in me, but you just never know. So, between now and tuesday, I can just sit around and wait for my appointment at 12:00. After that we head to El Paso to get deb's stitches removed. And to think, all I was concerned about is how damn soon I could get past this arthoscopic surgery and get back out in the dirt. FUCK! I keep having dreams about running almost every night. I just wake up angry.......

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Z. said...

Let's hope for the best.