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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Never See A Doctor Until You Are Sure Of What's Wrong With You!

I have always believed these words, especially regarding things that interfere with your running. Last Sunday, after not running a step in three weeks, I went out for a walk/jog. I got out a half mile or so, and then tried to jog easy on the groomed dirt. Got about a quarter mile, and thought someone had shot me in the knee with a shotgun. So much for arthritis! So, I felt pretty sure that the Doc was right in the beginning when he said I had a meniscus tear. Oddly, I got a call from my buddy Frank that afternoon. He has had a meniscus tear, and we compared symptoms, and they were pretty much identical, even down to the pain running into the calf. So, using my limited deductive powers, I realized that arthritis doesn't take you from a 1501 mile year to zero for 10 weeks from arthritis. I cancelled the magic rooster, and set up an appointment to go over the MRI with the doctor this coming friday morning. I will ask to see the MRI and remind him that his radiologist who did the test said I had a lateral meniscus tear. In the mean time, I have scheduled an appointment with the head of the El Paso Orthopaedic group where Deb got her hand done. He is listed as one of the top 70 knee folks in the USA and is the Texas Orthopaedic Association president for 2012-2013. That appointment is for thursday March 15th. So, if numbnuts says that he doesn't think it is a meniscus tear when I see him friday, I will pack up all the MRI and Xray materials and keep that visit on the 15th. If he says "o.k. lets get this tear fixed", I will give him his shot and cancel the other appointment. I hate the medical industrial complex. They just waste so much of your time and money. Once I get this fixed I will again do everything in my power to stay the f@&k away from them for as long as possible......

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TerribleTerry said...

Reminds me of a joke I heard recently on NPR. "What do you call a doctor who graduates at the very bottom of his class?"

"a Doctor"