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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Woman Down, Woman Down!

Last monday, my bride found a way to injure her knee getting into the car at the shelter. She has been in bed ever since. I went to helping hand and found her a pair of short crutches. I then ran over to my neighbor Joe's to see if he could get me to the surgical center monday if deb stays down. It has been three days and things don't look so good. She has no swelling, discoloration, or weird bruising, so I assume it is a grade one strain of her collateral ligament. I told her that it was pretty extreme of her to get a sympathy injury that put her on crutches. So, right now monday looks doubtful for her, and it ought to be pretty funny next monday after surgery to have two people hobbling around the house for a while. I washed the car yesterday, got about three hundred bucks worth of wine, frozen meals, soup, cat food and treats, and household crap so if we are trapped for a few weeks, we won't get eaten by the cats. If she would have done it earlier, I would have flown little "E" or Mary out to care for us, but it is too late now. So, we will have to rely on the sympathy of neighbors like Joe and Ronnie and Dan. I have been alternating days at the gym with hour long bike rides on the dirt bike. My quads shouldn't atrophy too much if I can get back on the exercycle in two or three weeks. Weather has been beautiful, and I have the yard looking exceptional. I have done just about everything I can to prepare for this event, with only a few final details to go. Got a call from the surgery center reminding me that I need to pay them (which includes the surgeon) $1478.50 before they will cut me up. I told them I will have my ammex card. That should get my full maximum payment for all deductibles and coinsurance done for 2012, and those bastards will have taken my full federal tax refund. Anyway, my friend Chris Huff had his first tv interview on aggie tv for this years outdoor track season. He comes on about 13:07 in, and runs the last nine minutes or so. He seemed pretty tight at the beginning, but then relaxed and did dandy. I am glad for him. So, that's all for now. What a 2012 so far!

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