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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Everyone is invincible until they are not. Adventure running is a dangerous sport, especially if you are out alone, and no one knows where you are going. Ever since being run over, I always tell my bride my approximate route, and I have a tendency to get uncomfortable when I get too far off the beaten path, where there is a chance someone could stumble upon me. Now, True left on tuesday morning, and it is saturday now, so the chances that he is alive are certainly possible, but not statistically likely. True is a 60 year old ultra running phenom, who is the central focus of the book born to run. He could have been badly injured from a fall (done that many a times), attacked by a mountain lion, or most probably, had a coronary event. I hope they find him alive and just injured, but as the time ticks, that becomes more doubtful. I have been in the area he went running, and there are hundreds of thousands of wild wilderness acres.............

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