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Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Off Day!

Did three hard days of rehab in a row, especially yesterday where I did the exercycle, tried a bit of that silly elliptical which hurt like hell, and then very heavy weights for the whole body. Then later in the day, I went out for another hour and ten minute walk in the desert sand. Really sore today so I need a day of R and R. We are taking sister suzi and our neighbors ronnie and dan to a new restaurant for a late lunch. It is really a pie shop turned into an southern ethnic restaurant. Not feeling like I am making much progress this week. Am working harder and heavier, as well as really big boy gears, but the general stiffness and ache remains. Hope next week I can start to turn a corner. Anyway, here are some pictures of the melon crop, japanese cucumber in a pot, the Joe tree, the rose bush, the blooming cactus, the dwarf peach tree, and the weird seeding from that flowering process with the agave. Really a strong year for plants with this very early hot and dry spring. Enjoy!

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