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Monday, April 23, 2012

Three Weeks Post Surgery!

Well, today marks the three week point since surgery. Some rehab is going dandy, some is still a bit challenging. My knees (both) were particularly sore after last friday's weight work, exercycle, and treadmill climb, so I decided to just take a long walk on saturday and do a long mountain bike ride on sunday. The walk was an hour and ten minutes long, and I did my best to challenge the knee to as much soft uneven terrain as possible to work all those little muscles, tendons, and ligaments around the knee to prepare for what I hope in about three weeks will be the beginning of short minute long jogs. I was off the beaten path and found 3 railroad ties and one horse shoe. The wind kicked up on sunday, and made the hour long bike ride a challenge to find a low enough gear to keep the knee spinning and not grinding. Did my icing after each event, and today I hit the gym hard on the exercycle, and the upper and lower body weight machines. I forced myself to do every damn lower body machine, even the ones that I rarely do where you pull your legs together against weight, and push them out against weight, and other ones that seem girly. Everything went fine and I came home and am currently enjoying the comforts of frozen peas. I actually rode the scooter to and from the gym, as I recognized on friday that my leg press strength was fairly equal to what it was before surgery, so holding that beast up shouldn't be a problem. It wasn't. Was a very nice ride on a ninety degree day. The pain that I have, and really more ache, is around the knee cap, and something weird down the back of the leg into the calf. With the meniscus space from the tear, that may be a more permanent condition from fluid draining into the calf. I will have to ask him if/how your senovial fluid stays in the knee with that damn hole there. See him again late may. Balance is better, but considering how retarded it generally is, not hard to improve. Trying to keep my mind remembering how hard and long it was to come back from the crash, so that I give myself all the rest of the year to try and become able to run a few miles functionally. Can't know if that will ever happen, but I will try all the rest of this year, and then make whatever decisions necessary to stay upright and mobile, weather it is running, hiking, or riding. You can only do what you can do.......

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