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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Went to Las Cruces yesterday afternoon to get my stitches removed. Everything looked good, and the Doc said since I have a range of motion of around 125 degrees, I can spin easy on the exercycle and start to slowly rebuild some leg strength. I am also allowed to wean off of the crutches, so, I went to the grocery store, put the crutches in the cart, and used my cart like sister Susi does as a supportive device. Also did a bit of walking around the yard and around the houses on my street to test it out. It did swell a bit, but ice calmed that down. Today I went to get a PT appointment, and my evaluation is scheduled for two weeks from wednesday. I told her I needed to rehab now, and to call me if someone cancels. I also told her that if I feel 70% rehabbed in those two weeks, I will just cancel them all together. See if a little motivation helps. I came home, jumped online, and looked up all kinds of post meniscus surgery PT, and came up with 6 basic strength exercises for quads, hammies, and calves. I then proceeded to do 2 sets of all of them. Knee ached a bit, but again, ice calmed it down. Tomorrow I will go to the gym and spin on the exercycle, and then do machines for the upper part of my body. haven't done that for two weeks. Then later, I will come home and over the day, do the rehab exercise cycle at least three times. Knee is pretty stiff, and proprioception seems really off. Proprioception is that sense of muscle and motion balance that makes your mechanics work. I think with my kneecap moving in a different way now that it is cleaned up, and my cartilage being smoothed out, it seems that my knee moves a bit differently. So, once I get range of motion and basic strength squared away, there will have to be some extra effort expended on the wobble board to enhance my balance. I needed to do that after the truck hit me, so I have the wobble board sitting behind the TV cabinet. Pretty dusty from 2 years of just sitting there. It will get cleaned and used again soon. So, rehab under the Tom regime begins.....

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