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Thursday, April 12, 2012

PT Day 2!

Went to the gym this morning to start my PT day. Spun for 17 minutes before the knee began to ache a bit, so I called it at 20 minutes. Will try for 25 tomorrow, and 30 on saturday if I can hold the pain off until close to the end. Did a half hour of upper body work on machines where I could sit down. Came home and iced for a few minutes. Then got on the floor and did the 6 exercises that again strengthen the quads, hammies, and calves. Added a bit of ankle weight where I could. The only one that hurt was where you lay on your back with your good leg bent, and your bad leg straight, and then raise your bad leg about 30 degrees and hold it. With the 5 lb. ankle weight it hurt the patella tendon a bit below the kneecap. Iced again while I watched some free baseball (only have it for three more days!). Repeated the exercise cycle again about an hour later. At 5 I went out for a walk in the wind. Goal was to walk until I started to limp. Got about a mile, and then both the knee began to ache a bit and I began to quasimodo shuffle. Will do one more exercise cycle while I watch the Giants and Rockies. So, that will be it for today. still feel awkward walking, and am concentrating on trying to keep from limping. So it goes.....

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TerribleTerry said...

hah! Love that comic.