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Friday, April 13, 2012

PT Day 3!

Hit the gym and did my spinning. Got to 22 minutes this time before the knee started to hurt, so cut it off at 25 minutes. Will go for 30 tomorrow, and then try and get out on the mountain bike on sunday for a long slow ride. After spinning, I tried all of the leg machines with very low weights and limited range of motion. One leg leg press went dandy. Knee raises with only about 50 degrees of range went well. Calf raises were fine. Tried hamstring curls, but that machine puts pressure on my kneecap where it sits on the bench, so I couldn't do that one. Had to go over to the machine that the gals use for their butts (not enough from what I've seen!) where you stand sideways and use your leg to push the pad back. It involves some hamstring along with butt and lower back. So that was that, came home and iced my swollen knee, and turned on baseball. Will get those one and four injuns at 2:30. Will try and do another short walk this afternoon. That did not go well yesterday, and my knee was sore and swollen for a good while in the evening. Learning to walk again is the big issue right now....enjoy these kids in this video. I could never have been able to do any of that ever!

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