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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PT Day 6!

Yesterday afternoon I got in a good 36 minute walk. Unfortunately it was part of a 40 minute walk! Will try to go longer today. Want to get the basic muscle form and endurance to cover two hours before I would even think about running. That gives me a month or so to work on it. Hit the gym today and covered more than 9 miles on the exercycle with lots of short sprints and hills. That is just shy of the usual 9.3 miles I was hitting the last couple weeks before surgery. No knee pain at all. Can't say that about the weight routine. Since I only do upper body three times a week, today was all legs. The one leg leg press went fine, calf raises also, but the 50 degree knee raises hurt again under the kneecap, and I finally got on the hamstring curl machine, even though it puts pressure on the kneecap. Kept it at a weak boys 25 lbs. and just did lots of reps. That swelled the crap out of the knee. Icing it down now. So, we keep inching along....
Saw this dog on the other day. It is the new guinness book world record holder. Almost seven feet from snout to end of tail, and just shy of 350 lbs. Sure wouldn't want to feed it. It would be worse than Terry when he was running 120 mile weeks!

1 comment:

TerribleTerry said...

Exercise is supposed to make your muscles big....not your knee.

Yeah....but that dog probably would be just as happy eating poop as it would filet mignon. My discerning palate demands chocolate covered almonds....buckets full of them!!