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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Forward Progress!

Did a really hard hour and fifteen minutes of riding saturday, most of it into the wind. Need to get my boy moving on that road bike. Doing this with a big heavy mountain bike with fat tires and front suspension is just getting to be a drag! Today I decided to give some jogs a go. I walked for 5 minutes, and then tried a minute jog. Worked for about 45 seconds, and then that knee said howdy. So, after a short walk, I tried 45 seconds. Almost felt doable. On the third one, I counted how many steps I took before it went from ache to hurt. Got to about 40, so for the next half hour, I alternated 40 strides jogged with 40 strides walked. After a half hour of that, I started to weeble wobble, so I just walked 15 minutes home. Did a double icing routine, and then started cooking lasagna for my bride. Now those jogs didn't cause me to get winded, cause those 30 minute bike days on the exercycle as hard as I have been doing them have at least kept some basic aerobic fitness. If the heart rate monitor on the bike is correct, I am often hitting 150 bpm for much of those last ten minutes. So, anyway, I will exercycle tomorrow and maybe try this walk stride thing again next tuesday or wednesday. I know it is not much, and it is painful, but it just made me feel like some running will be possible and that pain was just joyful!

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