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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good Knee Day!

Started out at the gym today with a thirty minute 15 Kilometer ride on the exercycle. That is about as fast as I can push. It involves the big boy gears and lots of intervals at the 9 to 12 settings. Then I hit all the leg machines, including the girly ones, with another increase in weight on each machine. Came home and rested about an hour and a half, and then scooted out to rockhound for a hike. It was just too nice and sunny an 88 degree day. They have added a new half mile loop called the Jepson loop that takes you from the visitors center to the beginning of the rockhound trail. That eliminates the half mile road hike from the visitors center. Now, if you do the Jepson loop to the rockhound loop, and take that out into the campground, do a skaters reverse, and return to the visitors center via the two trails, you get in a nice hard 3 mile trek. Picked up a few rocks along the way, but couldn't do much off trail hunting, because the uphills were dandy, but the downhills hurt the bottom of my knee cap. I didn't wear more deeply treaded shoes which I could have used. Will get those next time. Also need to get a cheap rock hammer. Find interesting rocks with crystals showing, but don't want to carry lots of big rocks back, so need to bash them and get some smaller sections. Anyway, I took a picture of the Jepson trail from the highpoint of the rockhound trail, and you can see the trail as it loops around the large mound. All in all a good hard workout day for the knee!


TerribleTerry said...

Find some gold nuggets along with those colorful rocks!!

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