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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here Lizard Lizard!

Slept in way late today. Have not been sleeping well for a while, so this was a nice change. Had breakfast/lunch and then scootered out to rockhound with better shoes to try and work the knee. Shoes allowed me to take some side turns off the beaten path, but that was probably not the greatest idea, as it got a good ache built up in the knee. Stopped at the Geo Kid's rock shop on the way back and bought my neighbor Joe some rocks to cut. He has become a rock maniac! They were 2 bucks a lb., so I ended up with 6 rocks that look like good crystal geode prospects for 4 bucks. I will give them to Joe tomorrow to cut. Our deal is that whatever I bring him he cuts and polishes and we each take a half! Works for me! Took a picture of this lizard during the hike. There were hundreds of them, but he was the only one who sat still for a picture! Also, on the way home, this cow was lurking bye this tree, waiting to try and bash me off of the scooter. He let me get a picture and then ran off. Chris and AD will be here from Las Cruces on Saturday and will be bringing me a bunch more free NMSU Aggie running gear from the cross country team. Hopefully I will be able to run some in them some day!!

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