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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flying Tin Can!

Well, today represents the 9th week anniversary of surgery. My patience is being tested. I am doing all I can to get this leg to straighten, and all the muscles ready to begin jog/walk intervals. Yesterday, after my 4th PT appointment, I stopped bye another bike shop that carried three bikes that all seemed in the wheelhouse of what I was trying to get. The first bike I tested was a 60cm Cannondale, and it was upright enough, but the cockpit was kind of cramped. The second bike I tried was a 61 cm Kona. The cockpit felt fine, but the bike was almost as upright as my mountain bike. The third was the Trek 1.5 in a 62 cm. It felt just right for me all the way around. Like the three bears. Reminds me of my favorite bike from 24 years red Fuji Ace. I did a couple triathlons on that bike, but after people tried to drown me by swimming right over me, I gave up the sport. So, with a 20% off bargained deal and 10% on anything else I bought, I came home with the flying tin can. So today after working out and spinning at the gym, I got the bike all set up for a couple longer rides this weekend. I will have had another gym day and two more days of PT. Terry was right about the crank brothers eggbeater pedals. They have a nice "float" that allows 15 degrees of side to side motion while still staying clipped in. Good pedals for bad knees! They are very easy to disengage, but I am having a little difficulty engaging. I get one foot in, and pedal like a one legged man for a minute or so before I can get the other one in. Glad I am not in a triathlon or duathlon. Tomorrow I will try to go in early before PT and get the oil changed on the car. If not, I will have them send a filter to Sisbarro in Deming (the GM dealer) and have the oil change there. Then, in july before I head to Philly, I need to get the Scoot in for it's annual servicing. So, with all that and the PT, it is gonna be a busy summer in Las Cruces.....

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