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Friday, June 1, 2012


Had a smoke free ride into Las Cruces today for PT3! Didn't do any new exercises. Things will start to ramp up some next week on my three days of Therapy. My biggest problem remains straightening the leg. I can now bend it farther, completely pain free, than I can my run over leg. But, straightening is another animal. He tried to straighten it hard and fast a few times and I called him a few names. He says he didn't even get to full straight, and he wants to get to about three degrees beyond that before he gives me the green light for the walk jogs. Bastard! Anyway, I am supposed to try and put my heel up on the edge of the couch and the 5 lb weight on the knee and let it relax and see if I can get to 10 minutes. I am supposed to do that 4 times a day over the weekend. It was the 10 year anniversary of the facility, and so we had all kinds of free swag and food. I skipped eating until my two hour PT was done, and then make a chic filet' sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo, and a roll. Just can't let myself eat too much until I get that road bike and can do some running. Still up about 8 lbs. since running ceased. Alcohol doesn't help the weight, but it greatly improves my mood! Stopped at the bike shop and told the guy I just could not afford the carbon bike he wanted to sell me, but that he had an online add for an aluminum 2011' Specialized Secteur Compact in a 61cm size that was discounted $500 bucks down to $800. He will call and let me know if he can get it from Specialized or if they are out. I am betting they will have one, since it is always the XS and XL's that get left over. He will call me next week. Of course my son MIGHT find me a used one if he did a bit of scouring on craig's list or with his biking friends! Stopped at Albertsons for some cheeses, wine, lunch meat, and two large bakers and some asparagus. Stopped at the del ray meat market in deming before coming home and bought two 1 1/2 inch fillet mignons for or Anniversary. I will make that for Deb tomorrow to celebrate with the taters and asparagus. I told the PT guy that it was a special day. His 10th anniversary of the business, the 21st anniversary for Deb and my first date, and the 11th anniversary of my first day of being happily unemployed! Time sure has flown another few years Deb will have to be celebrating the anniversary of my death.....Oh, I was looking all over for this girl at PT today in the hopes of startling her....

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