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Saturday, June 9, 2012

PT Six!

Had my 6th PT on friday. My insurance says I get 4 more. I asked my PT to see if the insurance would cover 6 more sessions to get thru June and right up to my Doctors appointment on July 5th. My regular PT guy was taking friday and monday off to go to Tucson, so I had a different PT guy named George. Now George looks like he could be Larry David's brother, even down to the glasses. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the same sense of humor. Anyway, he was actually better at focusing on my big problem....the inability to straighten out my leg when weight bearing. Now, when my leg is passive, it goes comfortably straight, and when I put my heel on the couch arm and put an ankle weight on it, it will go beyond straight. But, when I walk, the monkey part of the brain that wants to protect me from pain, causes me to keep my leg slightly bent. So we spent much of the two and a half hours focused specifically on that. He also corrected my form in some of the usual 8 exercises that I start PT with. Anyway, it was a pretty long and hard session. He left me with three specific exercise to work on for this problem. Today, I got up and did ten miles on the exercycle, a few leg exercises, and the usual upper body stuff. Came home and watched track and field and a movie that I had recorded, and just did set after set after set of the three exercises he wanted me to do. In the evening, I went out for a 20 minute power walk. I also tried about 5 thirty second jogs just solely to see how the knee feels. It wasn't horrible, but I can tell it is still not ready to be run on. July will probably remain the target for starting the jog/walks. Tomorrow I will take the flying tin can for it's first longer ride......goal is for about an hour and a half. I am fit enough to ride longer, but still don't want to push this knee just yet. Will ride out to and around rockhound, and then ride back. Enjoy that hundred degree weather.....

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