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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tour De Rockhound!

Was a hot and windy Sunday here in Deming....97 degrees with 25-30 mile West winds. Rode out to Rockhound pretty quickly, as it is generally more downhill, and I had those wind gusts behind or to the side of me most of the way. Rode down the access road to the base of the hill where you begin the serious climb from around 5200 feet up to around 7200 feet. This is the sharpest climb at 17% incline.....yah I know terrible, no tour de france or anything, but for a 10 week post surgical knee, just chose to skip it this time! Turned around and headed over to rockhound, turned again, and headed home. Of course those winds chose that time of the day to gust the strongest. Usually does happen around three o'clock or so! So for a good 7 mile stretch, I was on the granny ring going moderately uphill at a speed I think I may have been able to walk at! Anyway, ended up covering 38.75 Kilometers in around an hour and fifty minutes. (I will measure all future athletic activity in kilometers so it seems longer and faster!) Next time it is that windy, will just do like I did on the mountain bike and go into the wind at the begining! Besides doing lots of sets of my exercises this weekend, I did exhaustive research on recovery from chrondoplasty. See, those ortho dox, who want your money, always tell you, don't worry, you will be out there qualifying for boston in a few weeks! The reality I have found from this research is that it takes about 8 weeks for the initial fibrocartilage to form in the joint space. BUT, it is comparable to the consistency of clay. Over the next 4 weeks, it starts to harden more to a consistency of thick drying cement. Then, about 4 MORE weeks after that, it hardens to a near dry cement, and still takes two MORE months to harden to the maximum consistency that it will attain. So, heavy weight bearing and running can't even start lightly until 16 weeks, and can't really support serious training (if I would ever be able to get there!) until 24, as usual, you always have to research everything you do carefully, weight the risk reward relationship, and make your decisions carefully. The good thing about knowing this is I will sleep better at night knowing that there is still lots of time for improvement and the hope of running gets to remain.....

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