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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Weeks Post Surgery....PT 8!

Mark ratcheted up my PT again today, as the insurance company only allows ten sessions a year,and he wants me prepared for running in late July when my fibrocartilage is mostly hardened (my NEW target at week 16!) Did a three hour PT today. For 75 bucks I can have use of all the facilities for a month after my PT ends. May or may not do that....I have the mat, dick the stick, the ball, a rope instead of those stretching bands, and rubber straps that hang over the door to stabilize me during squats. Only thing I would need are those rubber bands to do the "monster" and the "side runs" and I could get those from Wallyworld for about 13 bucks. I am trying to get deb to go to let him work on her hip and her fibro. She will go with me either friday or monday to talk to him and decide. If she goes, I for sure will go and do my crap there. We shall see. My whacky neighbor leonard removed this agave from his yard about a month ago before he left. He thought the area he had it in was too crowded. Now if the dipshit would have told me, I would have planted it in my yard. He put it in the empty lot next door. So, a week after he leaves, it starts to grow it's stalk. So, good thing I didn't get it in my yard, cause after the stalk grows, the base plant dies. So as I was watering today getting ready to head to Las Cruces, I saw these two birds on it and used the telephoto to compose this nice artsy picture!

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