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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tour De' Deming!

Went out today with a few simple goals. Ride the whole time in the large crank ring, go into the wind first, Keep the ride shorter (as last sunday swelled the knee a bit), and try to do as large a loop of Deming as I could. From the google earth map, I went out to country club road, rode a mile south, turned west on solanas, and took it into the wind until it ended. That happened at around 10K. Headed north up to Florida, then north east up to the street below pine. Headed west, crossed pine to go behind wall mart, and headed out to where pine meets the freeway at exit 84, and then returned home down pine and country club, with a short detour past suzi's place to get away from a mile of unnecessary traffic. Got just before the house and the garmin said 30K, so I ended it there and coasted home. Stayed in the big boy ring the whole time, knee felt dandy, and I was out an hour and 13 plus minutes. So that was the tour de' Deming. Tomorrow I hit my last PT. This past week I finally made some substantial progress and have all the exercises and equipment necessary to do it myself. Feel close to being ready to try to jog/walk, but I want to wait until July 5th when I see the Doc. I know what he did, but I need a better idea of how much cartilage was debrided before I decide if 12 or 16 weeks are better starting points. The beat goes on.....

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