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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Active Week!

Been a pretty active week. All activities combined equaled about 8 hours of exercise. I got three runs in outside, two 8k's and one 9k. I have been moving thru my shoe arsenal trying to find out what irritates least. So far, it is the brooks pure flow. That shoe has a wide but flexible foot contact point, with about 5 mm drop from heel height to toe height. I will keep with it another week, and if it still works, I will try and get a couple pair of shoes with similar characteristics.
I got three days at the gym with 16k each on the exercycle, and about 45 minutes of weightwork. Trying to do more one legged strict leg presses and hamstring curls, along with the normal upper body work. The exercycle is always done very hard with tons of short sprints, attempting to cover 15k in a half hour, and then a kilometer of cooldown before I get off and stretch my knee.
Did a 33K bike ride today. Hot and windy. Got a new saddle that is designed to be a bit wider at my sit bones, slightly tapered at my prostate, and allows for more seating positions to move around in during the ride. I have played with moving it slightly forward and back, and also raised the seatpost about a quarter of an inch. Seems pretty dialed in, but I will play with it more as needed. Saddles are the hardest thing to both get right, and to dial in just so. Will keep working on it. I got it 60% off at nashbar, but it was still $70! So that's that for this week. Take Deb in for her spinal mri on Tuesday. She has a long road ahead of her. I would guess surgery in early september. Two weeks later the begining of about a month of PT! Gonna take her a good while to get her full right side strength back.....

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