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Wednesday, July 18, 2012!

Was talking to my bride the other night about setting up a polygamy dating service where you could search for more wives....went onto to see if I could register a domain name, but and have already been taken. Will have to do more research. Anyway, this is gonna be a long post Ernie, so you will need to settle in. Took my bride into Las Cruces yesterday to check on her knee/hip. The doc is pretty sure it is all coming from her spine. She will get an mri next week and is scheduled for a spine doc on august 15th. She is on restrictive duty for shelter, lifting, twisting, etc. Pretty sure she will end up with some kind of lumbar spinal surgery in early september.
Sister Suzi will finally see an interventional cardiologist on July 31st. I am expecting AT THE LEAST, that she will end up with a cardiac implant, and potentially even some minimally invasive surgery for valve repair. So, the odds are, if anyone wants to come and visit us, I would love the help and company, but we won't probably be heading anywhere this year.
There is the largest music conglomerate known to mankind called guitar center. They do the majority of their sales over the internet. They have hundreds of stores worldwide. I was searching for a month or so for a nice used guitar. A week or so ago, I came across this acoustic/electric dean denim guitar. It was a 2005 that listed for $779 originally. I saw it and called on it. It was in their atlanta store. I wanted to insure that the neck was straight, and the frets in reasonably good stead. The guy said except for a few nicks on the front, and a few scratches on the back from a belt buckle, it was very nice and fully playable. I took a $100 gamble and ordered it and got it about a week ago. It is absolutely playable. It looks like the picture of the current model, except the headstock is black instead of blue. Now that so much music is free online, my plan is twofold. One, to pick out 10 songs I can play really well, and someday, play a song with my son. I have three songs so far.
I was going thru the site the other day, and was looking for folks who had my procedures and how many of them are able to do what stuff. Lots of bitching and whining, but then I came across this guy named Josh who is 42, and pretty much had what I had done at age 40. He struggled for a long time, did a ton of rehab, went to minimalist shoes, found a few specific exercises that helped a great deal, and just recently finished the comrades marathon.....a hilly 53 mile race in south africa that you must finish in under 12 hours. He left his email address and invited contact. I have shared a few emails since, hoping for both some help on how he did it, and some motivational assistance as well. I have run 5 miles the last two times out, and there is a part of me that just wants to see if bye year end, I can defy the odds, and get to 50 kilometers (31 miles a week) over 5 days a week of running. It may be unrealistic, but screw it, why not try? Anyway, that goal is now stuck in my mind. So, this was surely my longest blog in a while, but sometimes there is just that much more to say.....

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TerribleTerry said...

Guitar looks awesome! I'm out of town for a bit without internet and all the sudden you're pounding the keyboard like crazy. Enjoying the posts :-)