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Monday, July 16, 2012

Hey....Isn't This A Running Blog?

Over the past two weeks, I have run on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday morning at the Gym, and Sunday evening. Weather has been hot and humid, I am fat and out of shape, and these runs have all been between 5 and 8 kilometers. The two 5k's were on the treadmill, the others were out in the dirt and generally 7k with one 8k last sunday. I will get in better shape and less fat, but the knee remains difficult. The kneecap aches while I am running, and even after the two icings, it is generally sore overall the next morning. I have utilized my entire arsenal of shoes, trying higher and lower ones, lighter and heavier ones, stable and flexible ones, with and without insoles, but nothing makes much difference. I have used a chopat knee strap, a variety of knee compression sleeves, but again, no real difference. I don't see myself varying this pattern or trying to go more than 8k at all over the next few months. The heat makes it hard to get into shape, and I have to go the full 6 months from knee surgery to see if this will be all the improvement I will be able to get. I saw the doc last tuesday and he didn't want to give me a cortisone shot, because that stuff doesn't mix well with developing fibrocartilage. We talked again about the rooster comb, but I said I would hold off on that until I have the full 6 months to see what happens. He said, "well, you know where I am". I will give the rooster comb a go as my last ditch effort. If I can get in a comfortable 5 mile run three times a week, and do more cycling, which, with this new properly fitting bike and the routes I have found, I am enjoying a great deal, I think this routine would be enough to keep me from killing someone. Oh, and after a long search, I found a nice used guitar, but that is a subject for another post.............

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