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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Are Not Permanent....We're Just Temporary!

Saw an article on MSNBC online today that said "if you sit for more than 4 hours a day you will decrease your lifespan bye two years". Wow, how valuable. In the past year I have seen articles that say if you exercise too much, you're gonna die. If you exercise too little, you're gonna die. Should your poop float or sink, and what color should it be for optimal health. How fast you walk indicates how long you will live. What is the right BMI score, and how should it change as you age. How everything you ingest is killing you. The ever changing food pyramid, and how you should eat so many servings of all this shit....of course if you did, you would be eating 5 thousand calories a day and you would be obese. What are the diets of the rich and do those actors get in shape for their important roles and why that should be somehow important to you. What is missing from all of this of course are three really important things...... First, no matter what you do, there is a 100% chance your gonna die! You should wake up every morning and go "shit, I'm here again, what can I do to make someone's life a tad better and have a little joy today". All this focus on how critical it is that YOU have a certain number of days on this earth is so incredibly are not that important so just go f@#k yourself. Secondly, This planet, the way we are moving to destroy it, will probably remain habitable for no more than about 35 years. We will be having mass starvation soon as the heating of the planet destroys all food sources, leaves dust bowls virtually everywhere, heats the oceans so as to eliminate most fish species (they say we have about 8 years of tuna left), brings catastrophic weather disasters, and quickly robs the earth of all of its resources. they say we have about 20 years left of phosphate fertilizer. We will start to need human corpses to fertilize. Yet we are rapidly approaching a world population that will hit 8 billion, when a sustainable population should be around 3.5 billion. We badly need a plague, and as we destroy the immune systems of billions thru starvation and pollution, one will probably come soon. Politicians like to always talk about how they want to leave the world for their grand children but they instead move on a course to enrichen themselves at their destruction. And Finally, everyone is counting on getting to sit next to God in heaven and say "I deserve to be here just because I said I am a believer in this or that.....not by any real actions that show that they ever really understood that God wanted to create heaven on EARTH! Jesus was really running around trying to get people to understand that this was the real purpose of creating mankind, but we say our prayers, either f@#k or destroy our neighbors, try and satisfy ourselves with a bunch of transient crap, and see how greedily we can pile up crap while we watch everyone around us suffer. We have completely lost any sense of our neighborhoods, towns, countries, or world. F@%k us all, we deserve to suffer in the hell that I unfortunately don't believe in. God really sent his son here to insure that even after we die, we can all be forgiven, and everyone gets to heaven. It's just a shame we couldn't see that we could start that on earth.....

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