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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Couch Potato Duathlon!

Got up today, had some coffee and toast, and then went out and cleaned all the bird crap off of the back deck and the walkway to the alley. Also cleaned out the fridge and washed the outdoor kitchen. Came in and chatted with sister sue, and then decided to go out and do a short duathlon. First I jogged an easy 6 kilometers, and then I came home, threw on the bike shoes and helmet, and proceeded to do a nice easy 20 kilometer bike ride. The run was harder because the sun was out, it was 94, and humid. As soon as I got on the bike, it clouded up and made for a more comfortable part of the outing. Since I only have one set of bike riding duds, I went on to bike nashbar yesterday and went to the "returned" section and got two short sleeve jerseys and a second pair of shorts. Got tired of hand washing my one outfit after every time I go out. The three pieces of returned apparel cost a whopping $36 bucks. Hope nobody crashed in them or had another kind of accident....heh heh....anyway, they will be here next week. The one jersey is that couch potato team jersey. The knee felt the best it has since surgery today. Not sure if it was the shoes I was wearing or it is just getting better. Hope the latter. The shoes are saucony progrid guide 5 shoes I bought last november and have very few miles on. They have an 8 mm delt angle (drop from heel to toe) and are fairly stable. We shall see. Icing now, then will shower, ice a 2nd time, and then while watching tv tonight do more cross friction massage, ultrasound, and PT. Tuesday I finally get to see the doctor, 14 weeks to the day from surgery.

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