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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two People Eating Soup!

Went into Las Cruces tuesday to see the skin doc for my annual basal cell carcinoma easter egg hunt. The doc has me strip to my skivvies and nothing else, and then has a magnified light scope that he goes all over my body with, looking for odd shit. I have a couple new barnacle moles, but for the first time in eleven years, no damn basal cells to cut out and treat with the chemo in a tube solution. I was kind of stunned.....never happened before. Always have one or two. He found one lesion close to my shrunken ball sack, and that spooked me, but it was just an age skin pigmentation spot. It was probably there all along, but since the Testosterone is shrinking my testicles to raisins, it was underneath on my leg and he probably didn't see it before! Anyway, after that I finally got to take Chris and AD for the dinner I had promised for his 40th birthday in February. They were at the college (they are BOTH officially assistant track and cross country coaches now) and we met at the Aqua Reef. It was happy hour, so we had two appetizer towers and a side order of crab rangoon for half price. Then I had a Red Tuna sushi roll (yellowfin tuna with their hot volcano sauce on it) and they had bento boxes, hers with chicken and his with beef. They got egg drop soup with that. I got pictures of them sucking that down. They got to take lots of left over appetizers and parts of their meals home. I finished them off splitting the creme' brulee. It is three small ginger, one citrus, and one regular. AD had never had it before, and was a little worried about the crusty top, but once she got in, her and Chris battled for it, and she ended up licking the cups. Was a nice long enjoyable dinner. It has been cooler and raining a lot the last few days, and it looks like the monsoon season has come early. I got out on the 4th at 7 PM for a jog, and covered 6km. Woke today and did the gym, came home and iced the knee, and it is holding up. The discomfort is in two parts.....the kneecap, and the fibula (smaller lower outside bone below the knee). The kneecap I think I will be able to rehab more, and eventually, I think I can make it close to, if not, pain free. The fibula pain I think will always be there due the the greater force applied to it now that there is no meniscus on the outside of the knee. Anyway, I at least have hope that I will get to do three days a week of running on it.

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