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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Le Tour De' Luna!

After a very sore knee from my 3 miles of jogging yesterday, went out today to do another tour of the countryside. I started out the same way as the tour de' deming, but when I got to NM418, I headed further west out of the city limits into the Luna countryside. Went past almost a mile of onion fields that smelled pretty strong in the 106 degree heat. This route, although an out and back, has much less traffic, and allowed me to ride faster and a bit more steadily. I turned at the 7 mile road marker (7 miles until this road ends up meeting the freeway at a truckstop ten miles or so from deming)and headed back. The entire ride was 31.5 kilometers, and it took me about an hour and fourteen minutes. It was crazy hot and my knee had swelled a bit, so I was glad when I got home.

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