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Monday, September 24, 2012

Just Plain Broken!

Well, I tried to do a short run on the last two sundays, but to no avail. This past sunday was worse than the previous, and the pain has moved from the base of my calf up to the outside of the calf almost all the way up to my knee. As deb is due for surgery next monday, not gonna try and get it checked out until after her surgery. I hope it is not a stress fracture or something related to my remaining meniscus. Again, I sure hope I can again get back to 4 days a week of running for next year. My boy and I just seem to be in the same place in 2012, with just one issue built on another. My career is over, but I sure hope he can have some super 40-44 age group success in a few years like his dad did at that age. I have been able to cycle and lift weights, and have covered around 120 kilometers each of the last two weeks on the bike and exercycle. Trying to keep my weight in check and my heart pumpin. Speaking of which, when deb and I see the regular doc on thursday, it appears he wants to discuss putting me on the lowest dose ace inhibitor for my blood pressure. He had me keep a chart over the last month where I take it two or three times a day. After 65 checks it is averaging 132 over 88 which is pre hypertensive. I could probably wait, but since both of my siblings have, and both parents had, high blood pressure, I will consider starting with the lowest dose of a generic ace inhibitor. We shall see. 2013 is the year of the snake.....sounds good to me!

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