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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Extremely Warm Dry Winter....Who Could Have Guessed?

(Photo from Buffalo Gap Texas......nice marina eh?) The national weather service is calling for an extremely warm dry winter for the west this year.....not much of a shock! We hit records on monday and tuesday of 87 and 86 respectively, and the next seven days is more mid 80's. That is about ten degrees warmer that normal. Also, the evening lows are staying in the mid 50's, when they should begin to fall into the low 40's and even high 30's. The fly's sure love it! And the plants seem totally we are in a second spring. I, of course, am concerned that we are starting a new dust bowl period, and may end up in 13 or more years of drought such as occurred in southwestern australlia. The drought was the worst in 100 years and resulted in a farmer committing suicide every 4 days during 2006.
Now, if you have paid any attention to what the scientists are telling you, you have to start to get very concerned. The big three seed manufacturers are now working at lunatic speed to create drought tolerant seeds. And large areas of southern canada are being prepared for their coming rise from providing a quarter of the worlds grain to potentially half as we start to face rising temperatures and depleted soil that will reduce our productive farmlands.......and that is unless we get that long term drought that causes these changes to accelerate....
So, as my friend billbob always says, just wait 50 years and the great lakes region will be the only habitable land in the U.S. with access to water, so buy your beachfront property now..... And don't worry, just keep shoveling that cheap shitty food in your face while it lasts....

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