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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Am Completely Lost.....But I Am Making Great Time!

Well, I will be 61 soon and will have pretty much missed most of a year of running. But, the time sure did fly bye very quickly! I tried to do a short 4K run yesterday, and there is still deep aching pain in my lower leg. I called about the MRI, but no word from insurance yet. Like I said, since THEY have to pay for this one, I am sure there will be trouble....I feel generally fit, and my exercycle the last two times approached 10 miles and hit 10 miles in my half hour of hammering before a short cool down. When I do the exercycle, I am pushing much harder intervals than any running other than long speed work, and the long bike rides are holding some basic endurance. I keep hammering the weights, both upper and lower body, and my weight is about 7 lbs above running weight, but I think that it is mostly muscle. So, I at least know that if I could never run again, I could maintain a basic old man fitness regimen. But, I sure hope to run again in 2013, and my goal would be to try and do that same 5K I did three weeks after my 60th birthday, after my 62nd birthday (Can you say 100K old!) So, still not much news on the running front...... Deb is doing very well 16 days into her recovery. All of her bruising is gone, and she has been doing her most important two exercises......squats with her arms crossed like I dream of Jeannie from a dining room chair, and 10 minute walks. I do believe that she will move to the cane for outside hikes soon. She pretty much walks slow with no assistive device around the house now. The weather remains endless summer, and today we hit a record 87. The forecast for the remainder of the week is 83-85. I am at least glad for that on my long bike rides. Maybe we will just move from summer to next spring and skip that old fall winter weather. Can you say San Diego? Plants are completely confused....they are growing like another spring cycle. The picture up top is from sunday when I got one of those rare days when the wind comes from the east. It was so strong, that the 6 miles east and generally downhill on rockhound road were actually harder that riding back up WITH the wind. It was just weird. Anyway, I took this picture on a side route from the park. The house next to this windmill was boarded up in front, but I kept hearing a goat either in the house or outback. So there you have it......20 days till the election and the end of constant calls on the phone and the cell phone. And if The Mitster wins, he can just go to his "binder of women" and find some for his cabinet......or if he loses he can keep the binder at his bed stand. Utah is the state with the largest consumption of porn.....

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