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Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's Been A While!

It has been a while since I have running to talk about and very busy with my bride and Guy and Pat Waldorf. Got Deb to the doctor yesterday, and everything is going very well. No complications or problems of any kind in what is now 12 days since her surgery. Her back was sealed with durabond (I think it is just super glue!), so there were no stitches to remove. One long scar down the middle, and six small ones where the titanium screws were placed. This picture is from the 9th day. Looks like a horse kicked her....
Pretty,huh! She is cleared to start walking more, and has a bunch of strength exercises to start for her lower body. Her only upper body exercise is wall pushups. Still no lifting more than a milk carton for six to eight weeks. She will get Xrays at 5 weeks to make sure she doesn't have a screw loose (in her back!), and that the bone is healing up. So I am her boss and caregiver for the rest of the year....she is better with the second part.
I went to the doc on wednesday and guy tagged along. Did Xrays, but wants to do an MRI just to be sure. Now, on my Med Mutual site it says that I have met my full copays and deductibles (they have a nice summary chart which shows what I have spent and how much they have spent on me). So I suppose they will not want to approve this since they have to pay, but should know monday. If there is any kind of hassle, I will just keep riding and wait another month to run when any kind of stress fracture would be healed. They don't do much about those anyway. Give you an air boot that I would take off to ride and sleep. My ortho doc said I should spend more time riding in cars than biking or running, and I told him running, riding my bike, riding the scooter, or being on a plane are all more enjoyable to me than driving or riding in a there you go. Guy and Pat are now 74 and 71 respectively, and look about the same as when they visited three years ago. Unlike me, they must have good genes.......
On thursday evening, my neighbors joe and janet, guy and pat, and suzi and I went to dinner. Had not seen suzi in a few weeks, and she has lost some weight and is moving much better. The exercising at the senior center and the moving around to get there for lunches seems to have improved her mobility a lot. Hope she sticks with it and can graduate from stepping up a curb to going up a few steps!
Deb's little sister Mick sent her a beautiful hawaiian flower bouquet so I took about seven pictures of her with them. Couldn't get her to smile though. One of her post surgical cranky moments. So I guess that is that for now. 2013.....year of the snake!

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