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Friday, September 28, 2012

2 Level Fusion It Is Going To Be!

Met with Deb's regular doctor yesterday, and he says the lack of disc space between the levels L3-L4, and L4-L5, is so minimal, that fusion is the only real choice for her. So, we talked to the surgeon today, and he agrees that just removing disc material would not result in a meaningful fix. So, Deb will undergo about 4 hours of surgery on monday starting around 11:00 AM. She will remain in the hospital after surgery for between three and five days. I will do an email on tuesday letting everyone know her phone number in case anyone wants to say howdy. She will be in a back brace thru the end of the year, won't be able to drive, and will not be allowed to bend much or pick anything up for that period. Sure pray that it all goes well, and that in 2013 she will be able to travel and spend a few weeks in nevada and utah. I will call the ortho doc sometime next week about my leg.....and try to get in to see what goofy shit may be going on there.....Just gotta keep going forward on faith again! After a psycho hot summer where Many things didn't grow that well, this second summer we're having is causing all kinds of new growth on almost everything, including what was a dormant rose bush......wonder when the party will end and the fall/winter will begin.....

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