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Saturday, October 20, 2012

When You Only Have One Plug....Go Titanium!

My scoot recently passed 3 thousand kilometers, and has been starting slowly and running roughly. I first figured maybe the fuel injection needed cleaning, so I put in some injector cleaner with a few tanks of gas, and no change. So I went online looking for a new spark plug and came across this brand new $8 titanium high performance plug just released for 2007-2012 Kymco Xciting 250's and 500's. Ordered the plug and got it in the mail in two days. Put it in this morning (not a very simple have to use an 18 inch tool thru the floorboard that angles back into the engine. Easy to get the plug in and out, but the plug rubber head connection caused a few cuts to the hands and swear words!). WOW.....starts instantly again and runs smoothly. The acceleration improvement is substantial. Tooled out to rockhound at sunset, and then returned to town to fill up the tank (can you say 6 bucks?). Stopped at the empire buffet to get deb and I some Sushi, but they closed and the building is up for lease. Another one bites the dust. Have to wait until Joe and I go to another game and stop in front of the university and pick some up......There are a lot of restaurants to eat in or out in Deming, but they are primarily Mexican, and that gets old to me in a hurry......

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