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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Medical Mutual Of Ohio Rations My Health Care!

Kind of expected this.....Medical Mutual Of Ohio Denied my MRI to see if I have a stress fracture. Now, their solution was Physical Therapy. Of course that is just stupid as far as a stress fracture goes, and since I used my 10 allotted sessions of PT for 2012 on my knee, I would have to pay for that, so it was a pretty good try at getting out of paying anything now that my deductibles and copays for the year are met. My doctor thought it was a pretty funny treatment protocol for a stress fracture also. He has to call the insurance company and try a peer to peer review process to try and get them to see the humor in that, but failing that, I will need to appeal. I always find it funny when those Tea tards get all worked up about keeping peoples hands off their health care and how important it is to be able to see the doctors they want.....what they always fail to realize is that it doesn't much matter what doctor you see, the insurance companies decide what you course of treatment will be and what medicines you can take, and this is based primarily on cost versus what would be in your best health interests. When they are trying to enroll you they send all this flashy paperwork showing how much they give a shit about you and all the good stuff they are gonna do for you, but it just doesn't really ever end up that way if you have to actually use the medical industrial complex. So, I will see what comes next, and then if necessary, appeal the decision. Of course that takes at least ninety days, and what do you bet in this case it will get approved in 2013 when there are brand new deductibles and copays!

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