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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Medical Mutual Of Ohio Rations My Health Care...Part Deux!

So today I get a call from Doctor Romanelli's office asking me to come in and get fitted for an air boot.....I was like, wait, what? See the insurance company decided that since the boot is cheap, that I should wear it for the next 6 weeks, stop all activity, and then if I am cured bye then, no need would occur for an MRI, and if I was still in pain bye then, they could try and push the MRI into 2013 where I would have to pay for it!! the idea is that me spending 6 weeks in a boot doing nothing to treat a stress fracture that I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE is a much better alternative for the insurance company than spending $600 bucks to find out if I do and THEN treating it. See, my time and misery is of little consequence compared to the bottom line. It would be like the doctor determining you have bad heart palpitation symptoms from possible heart valve problems and deciding to give you medicine to treat that because that would be cheaper than doing diagnostic testing to prove it or fix it!! Again, people think this idea of for profit health insurance is the superior way to go while providing good outcomes to the masses.......So, I will have to try and figure out what I want to do in this situation. I have gone thru 6 weeks of this, so I just may decide to wait for a couple more weeks and see if it is gone bye then before going back to the doctor. That would be a reasonable amount of time for a minor stress fracture to heal. My regular physician always gives me grief for trying to be my own doctor, but in this case, I may just have to try that...we will see! On a better note, my bride has graduated to walking without any assistance on her two daily therapy walks. I carry the 4 pronged cane just for safety, but she is motoring along pretty well without it. It will be four weeks monday, and a week after that we will get xrays to check her healing progress, and then go back to El Paso to see her neurosurgeon to determine what new things she will be allowed to do! The year of the snake will be here before you know it!

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