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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another Week In The Books!

Well, I got in a 10K, 9K, and two 8K runs this week for a total of 35K. On one of the 8K's, I did 5 intervals of about 3 minutes to start some easier speed work. Not very fast anyway! I will probably soon add a 5th running day each week, and cap the weekly mileage at 40K. Since I have become a kilometer of the man I used to be, this approximates the years of low 40 mile weeks I ran in my 30's. A forty mile week in those days took about five hours total, and 40K these days should take me about four and a half hours. I will keep the three days at the gym with two sessions of exercycle at 30 minutes, and one run, either on the treadmill, or a short run at home after working out. Once I get the structure I want for those 40 kilometers, I will start to introduce one day of 5 one kilometer repeats, and one day of fartlek where I try and do at least 8-10 short sprints. If I had a damn hill around here I would do some hill repeats, but there aren't any here in pancake ville. I may race at 5K to 5 miles if I get the urge, but I just think for the long haul goal of getting past 40 years of running, I need to keep the cap at 40K or so a week. So you see Ernie, I do have some limited impulse controls.... Weather was dandy this week and the forecast is the same for the next. So, no winter to speak of as yet! Lets try and go that way until spring arrives! This picture is from almost a year ago before all the hell began.....

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