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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shirtless Thanksgiving Run!

What a gorgeous Thanksgiving day! A light breeze, 76 degrees, and full sun! Got to run shirtless today! Whenever I run on thanksgiving, I always think back to the thanksgiving after my 41st birthday. It was a cold day, but clear in the morning. Deb made Terrible and I a wonderful thanksgiving meal. Before we ate, around two o'clock, Terrible and I went out for an easy 8 mile run. The snow had come hard for an hour before we began, and was light when we went out. The ground we ran on was that nice crunchy snow, and this was one of the last times I could go fast enough, and Terry slow enough, that we could run comfortably together. We covered our 8 miles up thru the graveyard, around to johnnycake road, and then up that nice big hill back to the old house. It took us about an hour and five minutes.....just a skosh over 8 minute per mile pace.....a pace I almost died to hit a year ago for a 5K! So today I ran my 54 minutes for 8K, and came home and put the pot pies in the oven. Got deb showered up, and after I do the same, we will eat our pot pies and the frozen pumpkin pie I cooked yesterday. Happy thanksgiving to all those I love, and the year of the snake just keeps getting closer and closer.....

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