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Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 More Runs In The Newtons This Week!

Got 4 more runs in those newtons this week. I have been alternating two pair....the Sir Isaacs and the Gravity. The Gravities require a bit more concentration during the run to hold form, and the Isaacs are smoother at a slower pace. I got two 8K's, one 9K, and a 6K with 6 bye .5K repeats at around 10K pace more as a form workout than a real speed workout. Wanted a chance to see if the form holds up at faster speed. It did, and only involved increased cadence. Newtons work bye a process called land, lever, and lift. You land on the ball of your foot, allow the heel to touch the ground (couldn't do that easily for a few weeks until my calf and achilles learned to relax and stretch out) , lever the foot to about 45 degrees, and then lift off the ground using your hips to drive you forward. One of the adjustments you have to make with newtons is to avoid trying to toe off instead of hip lifting. This process also helps keep my damn hammer toes from clawing! Anyway, I covered 31K for the week over 4 run days, so I have six weeks to try and add 9 more kilometers to get to my goal of 40. So far so good. I bid on a pair of women's newton distance shoes, size 10.5, for my boy terrible. He wears a narrow mens 8.5, so these should work. They are at $19 bucks, and if I can get them, this should be a cheap chance for Terrible to get a sense of how they work. They are crazy expensive unless you can get them on sale or ebay. Of course, if they allow you to run pain free and last as long as many users claim, they are actually a bargain. Got to see the browns on tv today playing in dallas. That is both the good and the bad news. Lost a game they definitely should have won.
Have to stop at KFC tomorrow to see if they are open on thanksgiving for our pot pies. If not, will pick them up the day before and warm them up on thanksgiving. They are 800 calories suzi, so do half one day and half the next!

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