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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Finally Had To Wear A Shirt Again!

For the first time since mid April, had to wear a shirt outside when walking or running. It happened first on friday, and then, today, I had to wear a long sleeve shirt and light gloves! So, fall/winter has really arrived! Got 4 runs in this week for a total of 29 kilometers....three at 7k and today at 8k. Knee is painless as I continue to run in those fig newtons! Will still push on for the rest of the year to try and get to a pain free 40 kilometers a week. I talked to my bud ernie tonight and I think that he is worried that I will push again until I break, and while that is ALWAYS possible, I know that I will never run more than 50 kilometers a week again in this life, and if I develop pain below that level, that will be the capper. Like the picture above illustrates, your running and just about every other part of your life can be interrupted when your least expect it! Tomorrow represents six weeks out from deb's surgery and she continues to do well. Next week we will go and get xrays, and then at the end of the month, see the back doc to insure that everything is healing as it should. I talked to sister sue and told her that if KFC is open thanksgiving day, I will deliver a nice hot pot pie, otherwise, she is on her own. Since Deb still can't bend or lift more than five lbs, no dragging a turkey around this year, and frankly, I am just too tired to do it myself! So, that is that! Bought a bottle of "Crown Royale Maple" today, and it is like eating a batch of pancakes with real maple syrup and then getting a nice buzz.....whooooo boy, way too good!

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