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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Old White Men!

Hey kid, get off my lawn! This election showed the complete failure of the republican party to understand the changing demographics of the american people. Obama won the women's vote 54/46. Latinos....71/29. Blacks.....93/7....Asian....73/27....Those under 35.....66/34.... Now, he lost the old man white vote bye a huge margin! But that demographic doesn't rule anymore! You can't demean women and try and take away their reproductive rights, run rampant racist ads and continually speak in racist rhetoric, and call 47% of the population moochers. And this demographic shift is just going to grow. And those T-tards got smashed in this election, and will probably cease to exist in another election cycle. Now the real question is, if Mitt had chosen not to double down on the crazy bye picking lyin ryan, but instead, had picked Suzanne Martinez, my governor, would he have gotten enough hispanic and women votes to win? Hard to say, but I am sure glad he didn't! So now John "Boner" is talking the big compromise and raising revenue....something he thought he would not have to deal with with the T-tard congress. Should be lots of fun ahead!

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