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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fighting To Reach The Snake!

Ran a hard 13K in the cold on tuesday. Thursday I ran 5 bye .6K very strong and fast as part of an 8K run. Saturday I got 9K in on another cold day, with four long intervals of 1.25K, 1.5K, 1.5K, and 1K. When I got home from that, my back hurt pretty badly. Today I just did a slow easy 7K on a nice 64 degree sunny day. Once I got home, I stretched, iced my back, and ate a mexican celebrex (my friend guy bought me 200 pills, a couple years worth until they are generic and my shitty express scripts will pay for them). I am now watching the Browns get trashed by the Broncos. Anyway, hope this is not a serious or long back issue, as I am only 10 days from the year of the snake. We shall see. I still believe that senior running is just injuries with short periods of running in between! Oh, Colt McCoy is now in the game so the Weeble must be hurt!

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