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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Mayan Zombie Apocalypse!

I was in Las Cruces today fighting 70 MPH wind gusts trying to finish a bit of Christmas shopping and getting the diesel dog its twenty five thousand mile servicing. Was a dustbowl ride home into the crazy winds. Supposed to end tomorrow morning. Called Suzi Q from the road, as Deb had called on the cell to say she had left a message. She needs me to pick up some medicine for her on friday after I finish at the gym. Now, as she was hanging up, she told me I was a good brother and that she loved me, and wanted to say goodbye in case of the Mayan Zombie Apocalypse that she fears is due friday. Now I got the Mayan calendar stuff, buy I just can't figure where the zombies fit in.
Now I tell any young person that will listen not to have any more children, because if you really pay attention to climate science, we have added .8 degrees of planet heating, and when we reach 2 degrees, we will have probably made the planet close to uninhabitable. At the quick rate we are heating, this will probably happen within 30 years. So, if you were having a child for anything but selfish reasons, you would be putting that child in utter hell bye their mid life. Massive drought and starvation, seas that don't support life, and a world that is starting to look a lot like mad max. But do I believe that there will be a special date or, just the rapid devolution into hell on earth.
So, relax suzi, make sure to have a bottle of wine and some kind of pill supply that you can take on the day you think that the world is no longer safe to live in, and keep working out at the senior center so that you can out speed walk those zombies!

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