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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Freakin' Winter Winds!

Damn! Hard week of running this week. Every day seemed colder and windier than the one before. Tuesday I got in 13K on a 52 degree cold windy day. Thursday I got in 8K with 9 short intervals for my goal total of 3K. It was 48, but slight wind. Saturday it was 45 with high winds. Got in 9K with 3 bye 1.25k intervals wind aided! Today was 44 with 30 MPH frigid winds like last sunday. My God did I hate that! So I got in a total of 38K for the week. Next week starts and finishes ugly, but gets to 64 degrees mid week! Two more ugly cold fronts due to pass thru before the new year! Come on snake!

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