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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tumbleweed Connection!

Today was supposed to be just a short easy recovery day, but the weather gods had a different vision for the day. Winds were a steady 30 MPH with gusts to 45. I tried to stay as north and south as possible to stay at the side of the winds, but the damn tumbleweeds were cutting up my legs as they blew across my normal dirt trails. Had to hit the bike path and some roads to avoid them. Shortened my planned run bye a kilometer to 7. Tuesday I ran 12K (one shy of where I hope to keep my long runs in 2013). Thursday I ran a short interval pyramid of .3K, .6K, .9K, .6K, .3K. I ran pretty hard in my newest newtons, and was pretty sore and tired after. Saturday I did 9K with 4 bye 1K at what I believe is my current 10K pace. My goal will be to add one more kilometer for 5 repeats, and then start trying to bring the speed down to 5K pace. I think that I may just start the year with only 4 runs a week and keep the schedule complete with two or three days of exercycling sprints and weights. I should be able to hit or come close to 40K a week on 4 days with the goal being 13K long with the last couple kilometers being picked up, 10K with 5 bye 1K repeats, 9K with 3K total of fast short intervals at mile to 3K pace, and an easy 8K recovery day. If I don't hit 40K every week, that is o.k. for now. Want to try the first principal of Grand Master running....try to run more mileage and intensity on run days, and have off days be cross training. I will see what I can do in a 5K in the spring on this schedule before I try anything too different. Everything seems to be holding up in my newtons with this schedule!

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